Monday 5 October 2015

Factorio UnOff. FAQ: Index

Frequently Asked Questions
for the computer game
(UnOfficial FAQ: Index)
(official link, though)

This is an index post of my UnOfficial FAQ for Factorio, containing links to sub-posts each with their own topic.

About Factorio (link, Nerd3 quote, What is Factorio?, It's not about work but about thinking, Where to Buy?, Steam, Requirements, Requirements part deux)

Stability and Requirements (link, Stability and Completeness, MP stability) - note this item will be deleted, and the Q/A entries placed into other blog posts

Game Interface (link, How do I move?, Other basic keypresses?, How do I shoot?, Inventory Management, 2 Major Interface tips)

Common Problems (link, My Inserters aren't working!, My Steam Engines aren't working!, General Power Production Confusion, Crude oil Barrels and Assembler Machines using/making fluids)

Advice (link, Is it OK to restart a bad map?, Which techs should I research first?, Evolution Factor, Some basic ratios)

Goal Check List (link, 0-15 bullet points of gradual game progress)

Multiplayer (link, Is there in-game chat?, How do I change my character's colour?)

Energy and Power (link, Energy vs Power, and prefixes?, Why do some players say Electric Furnaces are bad?)

Console Commands (link, How to disable peaceful_mode in on-going game?, How to take screenshots?)

This index post is a work-in-progress... As I create the new sub-posts and move information to them, that same information will be deleted from the original post (the long-ass post that used to contain everything).

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