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UnOff. Factorio FAQ: Multiplayer

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QIs there an in-game chat functionality, for speech-impeded players, during multiplayer games?
A: Yes. It works very well. Before a11 (when MP first arrived), the § key (up to the left of the 1 key, and above the Tab key, at least on my European/Scändinæviån keyboard) would open the in-game console, and you'd just type your console commands directly.

Now, instead, the console's primary function is for chatting, even in SP mode, so if you want to actually issue a console command, you have to precede it with /c and a space bar keypress.

Chat text sent via the console persists for a number of seconds, which I think can be configured in the in-game settings (on a per-player basis), but if another player issues a chat message that you missed, then (I think) you can bring up the entire console log, including both chats and actual console commands, scrollable all the way back to when the game was started or loaded, by opening the console yourself.

There's no built-in text-to-speech (like, e.g., in Sanctum), though.

sapientius, non contentius labora

QCan I change my character's colour during play?
A: I'm pretty sure you can do this during an MP game, but I haven't actually tried it myself, yet.

Try something like this:
/c game.local_player.color = {r=1, g=0, b=0, a=0.8}
/c game.local_player.color = {r=0, g=1, b=0, a=0.8}
/c game.local_player.color = {r=0, g=0, b=1, a=0.8}
/c game.local_player.color = {r=1, g=1, b=0, a=0.8}
/c game.local_player.color = {r=0, g=1, b=1, a=0.8}
/c game.local_player.color = {r=1, g=0, b=1, a=0.8}

Just copy/paste one of the above lines into the game console. That ought to produce a brightly coloured "overlay" onto your character's sprite, but with some of the original graphics colours still showing through (I think you can set a=1 if you don't want the original graphics to show through at all, and I'm assuming that if you set a=0 then there'll be no effect at all, similar to if you throw an infinitely small quantity of paint at an object).


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