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UnOff. Factorio FAQ: Console Commands

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QI started a game with peaceful_mode enabled, but now I'd like a bit of a challenge, yet I want to continue playing on this map, instead of starting over, as I've already built a lot. How can I make the hippie aliens be less peaceful?
A: Just paste this line of bold text into the console, to switch the game mode to non-peaceful:

/c game.peaceful_mode = false

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QHow do I take screenshots?
A: The console command for doing that has been changed at least once, recently, so I can understand if it's confusing.

This worked for me in early September 2015:

/c game.take_screenshot{show_entity_info = {true}, resolution = {x = 2000, y = 1500}, zoom = 0.8}

Just copy/paste it into the console as usual.

It takes a 2000×1500 pixel screenshot that includes the Alt game info overlay, with what was a reasonable zoom factor for the kind of screenshot I wanted to take at that time, and centered on your character.

The screenshot gets saved in one of your game data folders, always under the exact same file name, meaning that if you take a new screenshot, it'll just overwrite the first. Because of this, you must go into the folder and rename each screenshot after it's taken.

Find your "/mods" folder. Go one step up into your main Factorio folder. Your screenshot will be in the folder named "script-output"

If you want to take screenshots where your character isn't centered, you can paste this into the console:

/c game.take_screenshot{show_entity_info = {true}, resolution = {x = 2668, y = 1500}, position = {x = game.local_player.position.x + 25, y = game.local_player.position.y - 15}, zoom = 1.0}

The +25X and -15Y places the player character in the lower left corner of the screenshot, although of course those two values may need to be changed a bit to work on another computer, or with a different zoom setting.

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See also under Multiplayer, for how to change a player character's colour.



  1. Thanks! The above post is from 2015, so is very likely rather out of date. I think we were on alpha 12, back then!


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