Friday, 28 August 2015

What's THIS blog about?

This blog isn't about anything. As such, I don't really think of it as a blog, per se (because I dislike theme-less personal blogs - or rather I dislike it when people create just one blog which is theme-less and/or personal), but more as a place where I can dump blog'ish texts that don't fit into one of my existing blogs (OdinsDay and the 7D2D fan/server blog) or planned (themed) blogs.

So this is going to be a mixed bag, covering a variety of subjects; for instance I'll almost certainly write a couple of posts about Factorio, one of my favourite computer games but one that doesn't realy warrant a blog of its own. I'm thinking one Unofficial FAQ (since the official one, written by ├čilk, has some issues), and one post about the mods I use/like. Likewise, I might make one post about Skyrim mods I use or have used. Stuff like that. A bit here, a bit there. Probably one (or maybe several) blog-within-a-blog article series similar to the Elfland one from OdinsDay. Right now I have an idea for one.

OdinsDay remains my "primary blog", whatever that means. I continue to like thinking about (and doing) worldbuilding, fantasy, science fiction, reading and writing.

This blog was set up quickly (but of course after months of contemplating it), so expect me to fiddle around with layout, themes and colours, for the next several weeks if not months, until I get something I like.


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